A Selection of Cherished VW's 1946 - 1967

When this volume was first contemplated a far less ambitious project was envisaged. As the Historic Volkswagen Club approached its silver jubilee year it seemed appropriate to collate details of a few members cars, covering a reasonable spectrum of the years catered for by the club. Because the Beetle wasn't officially imported to Britain before the advent of the Oval, it was inevitable that the number of Split rear window models available to write about would be limited, but curiously a couple of much later years proved to be almost as difficult. As the project unfolded it became increasingly clear that what had been envisaged as a special, and more lengthy, edition of the club magazine, `The Historic VW', was escalating towards something on the scale of a fully fledged book. And so was born `Historic Volkswagens'.

Historic Volkswagens' is not a history book, a restoration guide, or a glossy presentation of the most expensive concours six volt Beetles in Britain today. On the contrary, it is purely and simply a collection of fascinating tales about a group of owners pride and joy. Some of the cars featured are well known, while others have never appeared in print, or on the show field. Some owners have preferred to write about their Volkswagen, while many have delegated the task to the editor. ~ Valuable and fascinating archive shots of some cars have been submitted; others have included favourite prints taken over the years. To complete the story, reference has been made to the postal history of the Beetle, taken from an enthusiasts collection. The general history of the six volt Beetle's development has been condensed into simple model year blocks, as have chassis numbers and paint colour options.
It was compiled and designed by Richard Copping who wrote a percentage of the articles but some enthusiasts were only too eager to tell their own story, something which makes 'Historic Volkswagens" not only more interesting but virtually unique.

All copies of this book have now been sold.