1943 Type 60
Under restoration
Picture: Peter Schmalbach, Germany
more details later we hope.

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Willi Messerschmidt's Kdf 1943 Kdf
Very beautiful accurately restored Kdf wagen. This car was originally owned by Aircraft Manufacturer, Willi Messerschmidt.
Owner: Dick Christensen
Kübel in the snow
1944 Type 82 Kübelwagen
Owner: Magnus Wiksten
1943 Kübelwagen
1943 Type 82  Kübelwagen
Owner: Reggie
1943 Type 82 Kübelwagen 
Currently filming on location, with Steve Spielberg , in Greece !!
Owner: Dave Carson
1943 Kübel
Some 82E's 3 Type 82E's
Owners: unknown
Photo: Keith Lessiter
Kdf Wagen ?? 1942 Beetle, built on Kubelwagen Chassis
with 'Split' Body.

Owner: Otto Weymann
Photo: Owen Warlow