1952 Karmann Type 15a
Restored by Richard Tricker, this 1952 car sports raised suspension and reduction gear transmission. A number of points are somewhat incorrect for the year but this vehicle is confirmed as leaving the Karmann factory on the 30th September 1952.
More detail in a 2003 issue of 'The Historic Volkswagen'
Richard has been a member of The Historic Volkswagen Club for many years.
Mika's '52 deluxe 1952 Deluxe
Beautifully restored Jan '52 Deluxe
Owner: Mika Virtanen
1950 Deluxe
Jan Wessel with his '50 Deluxe, that he has owned since 01/01/1977!
Photo: Jan Wessel
'50 Deluxe
'49 Standard

view view view trunk engine
 1949 Standard
Very nice standard beetle, finished in Pearl Grey L 21
Owner: Magnus Wiksten
1945 Type 51
Built in December 1945, under the control of Major Ivan Hurst. these vehicles were based on the chassis of the two wheel drive Kübelwagen (Type 82), they were previously known as Type 82E except that they were now fitted with the larger 1131cc, 25 bhp engine. Chassis No. 819.This car is a daily driver around Santa Barbara, Calif. USA!
Owner: Dana Steele
Photo: Owen Warlow
Type 51
Magnus' '50 Deluxe
1950 Deluxe
Beautiful original car!
Owner: Magnus Wiksten
1950 Deluxe
A very nice car, finished in L73 Chesnut Brown
Owner: Pete Fareham
Pete's 50 Deluxe
Int Engine
1952 Standard 1952 Standard
This car has more than 306,000 km under it's belt and has made the journey across the KdF test route, the Grossglockner pass, on more than one occasion !
Owner: Robin Allen
1952 RHD Standard
Owner: T. Wray
1952 RHD
Control Commision for Germany 1946 CCG Beetle
(Built under British Command)
Owner: Lars Conrad
Photo: Keith Lessiter
Stunning '48

 Int Engine
1948 Beetle
Now fully restored, after an eight year restoration.
Owner: Thomas Landbergsson
1949 Standard
Beautifully restored '49 Standard, finished in the unusual, but stunning, L 51 Bordeaux Red.
Owner: Keith L Lessiter
Superb '49
Interior '49 engine
 1950 cabrio
Owner: unknown
Cool Spotlights!
A Little Gem!
1952 Sunroof
This is a beautiful example of a type 11G.
Owner: Bengt Holmén
Bob's Cabrio 1951 cabrio
Owner: Bob van Heyst
1951 Deluxe
Owner: unknown
French '51
 Zwitter Zwitter
Owner: unknown