Type 1 Lost & Found

'I searched for many years for this age and specification car.'
This little lady has been in hibernation for some 24years and boasts 62000 miles from new..(in 2012).still looking every bit gorgeous... Now undergoing a full sympathetic restoration but will be coming to a show to see its friends soon.
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OSU 559
This 1952 split Beetle once again owned by Phil Jarvis who sold it back in 1988.
Phil has managed to track the car down and repurchase it (Jan 2009). This car can now be seen looking resplendent at shows around Britain.

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LLM 43
Once owned by Brian and Janet  Martin in the Ullswater area.
1955 Deluxe (pictured as found)
Rescued by Rod Sleigh in 1985 having stood in an open shed for many years. The car was persuaded to run and basic 'rolling' items repaired then passed on to another enthusiast. It was restored later by
A N Other but where is it now?
Is it still alive and well?
Photo: Rod Sleigh
Please let me know.
'49 Deluxe 1949 Deluxe
Rescued and being restored somewhere in the US. Good luck to the new owners, maybe we will see pictures when the car is completed.
Sept 1951 Belgium Standard
Found in Simi Valley California
Owner: Joseph Crockett
Photo: Joseph Crockett
1952 Split
Picture: Jose Rocha
Owner: Jose Rocha, Portugal
RTA (Road Traffic Accident)
Newspaper cutting of three vehicle? accident in Vienna in the 1950s or maybe the tram was not involved, chalk lines around the Beetle and Kubel indicate their involvement.
Supplied by : Peter Schmalbach
Film Stars
Pictured : 1970, Munich, Germany
By : Peter Schmalbach
Loaned / rented by film company.
'53 Oval 1953 Oval
Last seen : Portugal
Owner : Pedro Santa Barbara
Picture : Pedro Santa Barbara
'52 Deluxe 1952 Deluxe
Last seen : In a Forest!
Owner : ???
Picture : Owen Warlow
'52 Sunroof
1952 Sunroof
Before 2003 : In Hiding (Calif. USA)
Owner: Gabe Gough
Picture : Gabe Gough

Now with a new owner and restored
to its former splendour.

'52 Deluxe in Barn  1952 Deluxe
Last seen: Belgium
Owner: ???
Picture: Dirk van Poucke
Rusty '52 1952 Deluxe
Last seen: Norway
Owner: ???
Picture: Carlos the Jackal
Found in  Barn ! 1950 Deluxe
Last seen: Stanford Hall!
Owner: Pete Fareham
Picture: Pete Fareham
Mangnus' sunroof 1951 Sunroof
Last seen: Sweden
Owner: Magnus Wiksten
Picture: Magnus Wiksten
The Sumpter driveway 2 Kübels, '50's bus, split sunroof, etc
Last seen:'The Sumpter Driveway'
(mid 90's)
Owner: ????
Picture: Martin Southwell
a pile of old gearboxes 1948/49 Gearboxes
Last seen: Classified
Owner: ???
Picture: ???
3 Kübelwagen's Kübelwagen's
Last seen: Can't remember?
Owner: Tony Oliver??
Picture: Keith Lessiter
What a find !! A split, an oval & a Barndoor
Last seen: Sweden
Owner: ???
Picture: Owen
1950 Deluxe 1950 Deluxe
Last seen: Norway
Owner: ???
Picture: Owen
1950 Deluxe 1950 Deluxe
Last seen: Scandinavia
Owner: ???
Picture: Guy Leys
1950 cabrio 1950 Cabrio
Last seen: Alken, Belgium
Owner: Raoul Verbeemen ??
Picture: Filip Tamsin
split window bodyshell Split window body
Last seen: Sweden
Owner: ???
Picture: Owen
1950 body 1950 Body
Last seen: East Sussex
Owner: Owen Warlow
Picture: Pimpernel
1951 Deluxe 1951 Deluxe
Last seen: Netherlands
Owner: ???
Picture: Fez
1951 Sunroof 1951 Sunroof
Last seen: Heading towards New Zealand !!
Owner: ???
Picture: Owen
Christmas is early ! Take your pick !
Last seen: Classified
Owner: ???
Picture: Keith L Lessiter
Oval Chassis Oval Chassis
Last seen: Germany
Owner: ???
Picture: Dave Jones
Oval  Oval Body
Last seen: Benelux
Owner: ???
Picture: Luc van der Donkt
3 Ovals 3 Ovals
Last seen: Benelux
Owner: ???
Picture: Filip Tamsin
Oval body Oval body
Last seen: Sweden
Owner: ???
Picture: Carlos the Jackal
2 Ovals 2 ovals
Last seen: Austria
Owner: ???
Picture: Max Reicher

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