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A new quiz question at last!

Just to test your observation, please view the items on the Classified ads page.

Question 1 - which ad has the small picture on the main page shown
in a different rotation to the enlarged one?
Question 2 - which ad has an item which will fit 'Alle PKW Typen'?

Answere as usual to the webmaster@historicvws.co.uk

The answer to an ancient quiz question....

Piston ring clamp for a specific size piston.
These were supplied to dealers in sets for the various cc of aircooled engine.
Made specially to enable simple piston fitment into cylinder between head studs
the assembly falls apart when the handle (sleeve) is removed.

First correct answer from Andy Axnix on 25th February 2014.
Second correct answer from Phill Thomas 6th May 2014.
Another correct from Robert Rawson 23rd May 2014.

Spring 2012 again & answer....

Cooling air intake to a Type 1 engine but what's the vehicle?
Make and Model please.

Andy Axnix & Robert Rawson correct, the intake grill is that on a Tempo Matador,
they are situated just behind the doors.

Thanks to club member Phil Jarvis for such a wonderfully restored example of this rare vehicle.

Spring 2012 question & answer....

No picture this time, just the question.

How many dust excluding rubber rings are used (per car) in the link pin
assembly of a post 1960 Volkswagen Beetle?

No answers to this one, I guess you only like picture questions.
The answer is FOUR by the way, see the article in the technical section of this website.

Summer 2011 question & answer....

From what model of VW?

Correct answers from:-
Michael Herrmann, Bremen, Germany on Wednesday 10th August 2011
Christoph Weyers, Kleve-Kellen, Germany on Thursday 11th August 2011- (Christoph is a club member)
Andy Warren, UK on Wednesday 24th August 2011
Robert Rawson, Derbyshire, UK on Monday 5th September
Rear light lens from a Type 3

Spring 2010 question & answer....

What's this?

Robert Rawson as usual within hours of posting the question
and Andy Axnix not too far behind with the correct answer.
The Bulb holder from a 'Parson's Nose' number plate light.

New Year 2010 question and answer....

The name 'Peppercorn' features in the name of a Classic British VW Show.
But were else does it feature in a topical British transport subject?

Robert Rawson hits the nail on the head yet again but I kept him at bay for a few days!
So much so that I will add a little one word clue
a Peppercorn class A1 Pacific steam locomotive ... 60163 Tornado,
See www.a1steam.com

November 2009 question and answer....

I've airbrushed one of the pictures taken at the NEC Classic Car Show,
The thumbnail is the original, the large version is modified but which one is it?
The portrait picture showing our club flag.
Robert Rawson was on the ball yet again with the correct answer within a day!

October 2009 question and answer....

What model of Volkswagen is this part of?
NOT pre 1957 by any means but a very unusual model in the UK!
Just a couple of clues, it's air cooled and the fan is on the end
of the crankshaft.

Andy Axnix and Robert Rawson were on the ball with correct
answers to this one, And within 5 hours of my posting the picture!
It's the rear air intakes on a Brazilian SP2.

June 2009 question and answer....

Those who indulge in the finer
points of Beetle standard model brakes
will recognise this as a brake light switch
Part number 111 945 511
Thanks to Malcolm Hawkins
and Robert Rawson for almost instant correct answers.

October 2008 question and answer....

These items were genuine VW, supplied as part of a kit
including two more of the above and fixing nuts and bolts and
a pair of other items. 
What was all of this for?

This is the adaption kit to fit telescopic rear shock absorbers
on a car which had levers fitted as original.

Thanks to Robert Rawson on 20/10/08
Also Malcolm Hawkins who tells me that he has these on his Hebmuller!
Ollie Hudson correct 13/11/08
Seb Knowles 13/11/08
Wolfgang Gips 03/12/08

July 2008 question and answer......

This picture of a members car at Peppercorn 2008 shows the
water drain tube from the air intake area of a Beetle engine bay.
Introduced 1st August 1957 @ Chassis Number 1 600 440

Similar detail of when it was discontinued please.

Discontinued 6th August 1959 Chassis Number 2 533 00

Answered By Peter Harvey on 21st May 2014, thanks Peter.


January 2008 question and answer......

Correct answers from:-
Robert Rawson - 29/01/2008

This is a brake drum thread repair insert.
Part number 111 405 619 use as required


July 2007 question and answer......

These two items form a fitted pair, yes these are well and truly 'used' and pictured on a concrete floor.
Peter Noad mentions them in his early 1970's book 'Tuning Volkswagens' and I believe EMPI made a similar item.
What are they?

Correct answers from:-
Phill Thomas 20/08/2007
sorry if there were others, remind me if you wish.

Correct Phill, they are front axle beam reinforcements.
Fitted between the bolts at the front of each side member and the outer ends
of the front torsion tubes. Kit part number 111 498 001 comprising...
2 x 111 401 155 Bracket, front
2 x 111 401 233 Support tube
2 x 111 401 281 Lock Plate
4 x N 10 455 1 Bolt, Hex. head BM 10 x 55 (not in picture)
4 x N 11 020 2 Nut, hex. M 12 x 1.5
These are seen as purchased by Ken Green at Dub Freeze 2007.

May 2007 question & answer......

The items below are all part of a genuine Volkswagen fitting kit having a part number which includes all of the
items as a complete package. By the way, the two large washers in the top two rows are rubber. What is it?

Correct answers from:-
Keith Vipond 19/05/07 - within 24hrs of posting the quiz!
Gavin Doole 25/05/07
Matt Smith 21/06/07
Matt Lancaster 21/07/07

Well spotted all of you, it is a kit, described by VW as 1 set
of securing parts for sill panel (Running Board to us here in the UK) comprising.
2 x 111 821 545   Rubber Washer
4 x N 10 215 4      Bolt, hex. head M 6x15
2 x N 10 241 3      Bolt, hex. head M 8x22
2 x N 11 008 8      Nut, hex. M 8
2 x N 11 654 2      Washer 9.5
2 x N 11 670 1      Washer 8.1
4 x N 11 695 2      Washer 6.1