Confirmation of the manufacturing date of a Volkswagen vehicle.

For many years now the Historic Volkswagen Club has been providing a service to owners confirming the manufacturing date or period of their vehicles to the satisfaction of the DVLA.

There are a number of reasons why this confirmation could be required.

You have a UK vehicle with no registration mark or no documents.
You have an imported vehicle with no acceptable dating documents.
You have a vehicle whose V5C does not show the correct manufacturing date.
You have a vehicle with a UK registration mark but it is not recognised by the DVLA - V765 Form

*** In all instances please read on. ***

The DVLA require an owner to provide evidence of the manufacturing date from the manufacturer where available. Until recently this has been problematic with Volkswagen vehicles as there has been a considerable lead time in obtaining such a document from the Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg. However this has changed, the museum are now able to supply a Data Sheet correlating production date and chassis number (VIN) with a slightly quicker turnaround. I have supplied a sample of this document to the DVLA and received confirmation that it is admissible evidence for all applications. An example of a Data Sheet  or a Zertifikat (often called a Birth Certificate) can be seen here.

Useful links...

Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg  -  Zertifikats and Data Sheet page
DVLA Registering an older vehicle.
DVLA Importing a vehicle into the UK
DVLA Register a vehicle under original registration number (V765)

Should Volkswagen inform an owner in writing that they cannot provide the details then in most cases The Historic Volkswagen Club can help.

We are able to issue an Age Certificate in the form of a letter confirming the period of manufacture of a Volkswagen vehicle for use by an owner to obtain an 'Age Related' registration mark in the UK . This letter should then be passed, by the owner, to the DVLA for processing. We may be able to provide proof of production date for 'Historic Vehicle' classification depending on available data but the VW museum should be approached first.

To obtain an age verification letter the owner MUST supply the club with the following items...


A written request confirming the chassis number (VIN) of the vehicle concerned. (may be emailed)


A recent photograph of the complete vehicle.


A photograph of the VIN (Chassis Number) stamped into the vehicle frame / bodywork.


A photograph of the vehicle ID plate and the vehicle 'M' plate see note below.


Applicants name and address a contact telephone number and email address if possible.


Note that there are occasions when a vehicle inspection is necessary, see note below.


Proof of membership, either a copy of current membership card or subscription receipt.

 Enquries with photographs embedded in emails will be rejected!

Please send all photographs etc. as attachments to
all file names MUST include the vehicle VIN.
Good quality photos please.

We are also approved by the DVLA as part of the their V765 Scheme for reclaiming the registration mark of a vehicle that is not recorded on their systems see DVLA information  see links above.

For the club to process V765 forms please note the following...


All of the documents as required on the V765 form should be forwarded to the address below.
If all items are correct they will be signed and forwarded by the club to the relevant department at the
DVLA. If incorrect they will be returned to the applicant.
Original documents supplied to support the application will be copied and signed as authentic by
a club official for onward transmission to the DVLA.
Originals will be returned to the applicant in a 'Signed For' envelope. Whilst we do our best to ensure
that such documents are returned safely we cannot be held responsible for losses in the postal system.
Proof of posting will always be obtained by us.


Proof of membership, either a copy of current membership card or subscription receipt is required.

Inspections - There are some occasions which necessitate an inspection of the vehicle, if this is the case a Historic Volkswagen Club representative will contact the owner to arrange the inspection. In these cases the owner will be expected to pay any expenses incurred by the person inspecting his or her vehicle.

Please also be aware that vehicles of non German production are often difficult or even impossible for us to check.

'M' Plate - Transporters from 1959 to 1979 have a plate attached which defines the original build details, up to 1968 this plate is normally behind one of the front seats, post 1968 the plate is on the transverse air duct under the dash (difficult to photograph I know).

Both of the above are Free 'members only' services. Non members should use the membership services on this web site to join the Historic Volkswagen Club and send vehicle details as above. 

Please note that this free service to members extends to a maximum of two applications (VIN numbers) per member per membership year. The club will process further applications from a member in any membership year at a charge of 20 per application.

All enquiries should be addressed to:- 
Rod Sleigh, 28 Longnor Road, Telford, TF1 3NY

Initial telephone enquiries between 9.00am and 8.00pm weekdays may be made to 01952 242167
or email enquiries to