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[This item is reproduced from a 1955 workshop manual, hence some of the terms may seem a little old-fashioned]

Removal and Installing Fan Housing

(engine removed)
  1. Remove fan belt.
  2. Remove generator strap and disconnect cable from ignition coil.
  3. Release slotted screws on both sides of fan housing.
  4. Detach spring of automatic cooling air control and release throttle ring screws.
  5. Lift off fan housing and generator.

Installing is a reversal of the preceding operation, but the following points should be noted:

  1. Examine fan housing for damage and loose air deflector plates.
  2. There must be no 'blow-past" between fan housing and cover plates of cylinders. If necessary, bend plates into correct position.
  3. Insert throttle ring and screw it to the holding plate on the operating shaft, taking care that there is no offset between the intake flange and the throttle ring. The throttle ring is designed to occupy a tilted position
  4. --as seen from the side and from above --

  5. and no attempt should be made to bend the holding plate as such practice would result in a malfunctioning of the cooling system. The throttle ring is centered to the intake flange by moving it in its clearance holes.
  6. Connect return spring.
  7. Adjust throttle ring.

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