Main wiring loom dimensions for pre October 1952 Split


The following dimensions are taken from a new old stock (NOS) genuine VW part the actual age of this loom is unknown as it was sourced from ex-dealer spares stock many years ago.


All insulation on this loom is all of man made pvc or plastic.


Although lengths of coverings and individual wire ends are taken from the physical loom wire sizes are taken from the equivalent wires quoted on the wiring diagram in a VW dealers manual dated 1952-1955.


All wire ends are simply stripped and tip soldered unless otherwise shown on the drawings. Solder tipped wires dimensions are to the wire end, ‘eye’ and ‘open eye’ terminated wires are measured to the centre of the eye.


Main section sleeving dimensions are as follows…


a to b = 2860mm (join near instrument panel to interior light spur)

b to c = 385mm (join at interior light spur to rear lights spur)

c to d = 220mm (join at rear lights spur to starter spur)

d to e = 300mm (join at starter spur to generator spur)


At sleeving junctions smaller sleeving is inserted into larger, no account of inserted portion is accounted for in dimensions.


Note -The 6sq mm wire between starter and generator (regulator) is described as ‘Orange’ although often seen as Red in VW publications.


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