Chapter 3 - 1957 and 1958


SXL 841 - '57 in Horizon Blue import from Sweden.Now registered as XSL 841, this '57 is yet another vintage VW that has found its way across the channel from Sweden. The car is original, apart from the odd bit of 'spray' work to counteract the ravages of the odd parking knock. The car is finished in Horizon Blue, L331, a shade introduced by VW in April 1956 and deleted in July 1957, to coincide with the end of 'Oval' production at Wolfsburg. Unlike earlier oval-window models, this car features a new style of rear valance to accommodate twin tailpipes, a redesigned fuel tank allowing additional storage capacity in the boot, rear light clusters sat some 60mm higher than previously on the wings, a 'cranked' gearlever and, amongst other modifications, more secure quarter-light catches. James Cook, who intends to use it as a daily driver, whilst also sympathetically renovating it to its original condition, currently owns the car. (Ken Cservenka photographed it in Worcestershire for a forthcoming feature in VW Motoring)


Martin Roberts is a glutton for punishment. Having completed the restoration of his 1958 Diamond Grey, L243 Deluxe, he vowed he wouldn't do another. GCM 764 - A 1958 model finished in Diamond Grey.Allegedly his latest project will be ready shortly! To a percentage of Vintage VW enthusiasts the world came to an end when the last 'Oval' rolled off the assembly line before the factory holiday at the end of July 1957. The new '58 model was noticeable for the vast increase in size of the rear window (95%) and the windscreen (17%). Gone was the shapely engine compartment cover, while inside a totally new dashboard transformed the car's appearance. Nevertheless, post '57s are sought after by many an enthusiast and rightly represent a good percentage of articles in the various magazines. Although this '58 looked somewhat worse for wear when Martin bought it and sported a number of features that were totally incorrect for the year, it was basically sound. Amazingly, the upholstery was entirely serviceable and without work looks virtually brand-new. Since the restoration was completed, Martin has shown the car at many of the shows and collected the trophies to prove his attendance. In 1999 he took the car to Bad Camberg and back without any problems. (Featured in the former Vintage Volkswagen and is the cover 'star' of VW Beetle, the Car of the 20th Century)

Chapter 4 - The 60s dawn