Chapter 4 - The 60s dawn

8778 UB - a 1960 Standard Model1960

In 1960 the standard model accounted for a mere 3.4 per cent of total Beetle production. This RHD standard model dates from April of that year and was owned by Arthur Smith of Guiseley in West Yorkshire from new until his death in 1986. 8778 UB, which still has the original dealer's badge, 'Moortown Motors' attached to the passenger door is finished in Jupiter Grey, an option for the base model from March 1953 until the start of the '64 model year. Unlike standard models destined for the home market, this car features a little chrome, but nevertheless retains all the other hallmarks of such cars, namely a crash-box, cable brakes, seats adjustable with wing-nuts, plain grey vinyl upholstery and a lack of exterior trim. Apart from an external respray after the Mr Smith's death and before it was acquired by Richard Copping, this example remains totally original. (Featured in September 2002 Edition of VW Motoring)


If ever a VW epitomised the philosophy of the company's first Director General, Heinz Nordhoff it has to be the Beryl Green, L478, Beetle, one of the series of updated cars launched in August 1960. PBF 233 - 1960 Model painted in Beryl Green.First of all the model benefited from VW's new 34bhp engine and its higher performance, a new carburettor and a full synchromesh gearbox, although in what year didn't Nordhoff instigate some form of technical improvement. However, it is in terms of aesthetic detail that the Beryl Green model really scores. Not only were the running board rubbers colour co-ordinated, so was the steering wheel, gear lever and even the rubber covering the 'tunnel'. The Beetle may have been a car for the people, but Nordhoff was determined that his customers should receive the very finest in terms of design and quality. Steve Powderhill of Worcestershire acquired this example in the early Nineties and set about one of the most detailed restorations imaginable. The result is truly amazing, particularly considering that he did most of the work himself. Total accuracy to the model and year was a paramount consideration. (Featured in VW Beetle, the Car of the 20th Century)